Suman, a luminary in music, blends classical training with soulful melodies. Rooted in Indian classical music, her journey showcases dedication and talent. With sweet vocals and versatility, she captivates global music enthusiasts.

National recognition followed, with televised performances showcasing her ability to bridge tradition and contemporary music. Holding a master’s degree in Indian classical music from Delhi University, she breaks family barriers and explores diverse genres.

Starting at ten, Suman’s love for music blossomed. Guided by mentors, she explored Indian classical intricacies, embracing her heritage. Her distinct singing style carries emotions, weaving passionate tales. From ghazals to Bollywood hits, her range knows no limits.

Suman’s repertoire is vast, from Indian classical to ghazals, Sufi, and even Bollywood and English pop.

Her melodies evoke emotions, bridging cultures. Her journey engraves her name in musical history, an unyielding dedication to her craft

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