Sachin Patwardhan

ARTIST: Sachin Patwardhan


Born in a family of musicians, Sachin picked up playing musical instruments with a natural flair. Formal training began at the age of 9 under the guidance of his father Shri Manohar Patwardhan, a renowned Violinist and uncle Shri Vijay Patwardhan, a well known Sitarist. Sachin pursued his studies hand in hand with his training in music. He graduated with a degree in Science and afterwards completed his MBA.
He is fortunate to get the blessings and intensive training under the Guru-Shishya Parampara from the Legendary Sarod Maestro Padma Vibhushan Ustad Amjad Ali
Khan Saheb since 1998.

In his zest to achieve a seamless blend of indo-western
music, Sachin performs classical compositions on “Spanish
Veena” which is his brainchild. The Spanish Veena is
actually a modified version of the electric guitar on which a
full range of Indian Classical can be played like aalap, jod,
jhala along with different kinds of ‘gamaks’ and ‘murkis’
which are specific to the Indian classical style of music. This,
on the other hand is not possible on the standard tuned
electric guitar. Sachin performs extraordinarily on the
Spanish Veena without compromising on his Indian classical
His highly versatile and aesthetic perception has enabled
him to touch the most profound depths of his instrument. His
purity of style, uniqueness of imagination with his brilliant
technique in which he blends the elements of ‘Gayaki’ i.e.
Vocal rendering and ‘Layakari’ i.e. Instrumental rhythmic
patterns, makes his recitals enchanting.


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